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Review: 2 - Donny Dhirgantoro

Ini Bulutangkis, dan Ini Indonesia, dimana impian dibawa ke dunia nyata, tidak berlaku untuk Gusni Annisa Puspita, remaja yang 'kelebihannya' adalah keterbatasannya. Cita-citanya sejak kecil untuk membuat orang tuanya senang dengan bermain bulutangkis terus kandas.

Suatu malam sebuah kenyataan pahit datang untuknya, sebuah kenyataan tak berperi, hidup yang tidak berpihak kepadanya, kenyataan yang berbicara lantang kalau bermimpi saja tidak akan pernah cukup.

Dan, perempuan Indonesia dengan segala keterbatasannya itu memutuskan untuk melawan, memutuskan untuk terus berjuang demi impiannya, memutuskan untuk terus mencintai hidup yang tidak pernah sempurna.

Memutuskan untuk berani mencintai, dan mencintai dengan berani…


Finally! Another questions were answered. After waiting for sometimes, I got what the author wrote in his second book. I am not a big fan of him. I am also not impressed with his 5 CM. But the cat inside kept wondering what kind of story he wrote in 2. It urged me to grab and read the book. It did not care the possibility of same old pattern that might be used by the author in his previous book, like song lyrics everywhere or too many great quotation that might make you sick of it.

2 brought me to Gusni Annisa Puspita  and her family. It began from the day she was born. The author wrote the beginning and detail about her family very well. I enjoyed reading it. I could see it clearly how big their love. It was not hard to picture all the family scene. I liked how they support each other. How they dealt with the problem and the way they went through it, while the problem that they faced was not easy. It was Gusni and her diseases. She kept growing up with tons of fat inside her body. It could not be reduced no matter how many exercise that she did. The doctor said they could not do anything to cure it. Those fat would totally harm her. All they could do was waiting. Those fact hit her in the face. It made her so sad. But she chose not to give up. Because she got one big dream and she believed she could make it happen.

Overall, 2 was a good book. Just like the previous one, it also contains many good quotations. But the repetition makes it meaningless. It lost its value. Some part of the book also make me bored. It was the badminton part. should have mentioned about this badminton thingy in the previous paragraph. But it is better if you go figure it out yourself what the red line between Gusni and badminton by reading this book. I wish I could skip all chapters. But I was just too afraid. I might miss something important. Every movement of the athletes was captured. I just could not catch it. All the words he wrote was blocked. These game sessions also makes 2 become difficult to be digest . I almost lost my interest.

Luckily the author still left the family part for me. The portion was enough to make me stay. In the first chapter, only in its few first paragraph, Gusni's father could win my heart. I do always fall for the this kind of story. Although I got a feeling that something bad happened to the family, I just could not stop to read it. Until the joke that was put inside, ruined everything. I am so disappointed. I thought there won't be cheesy sentences. I thought this book would be a serious family drama. I have never been so wrong.I wish in the next book the author will not do such thing. He has built something good but then ruin it by writing something which is not funny.

One big question that still bang my mind is about Gusni's disease. Does it really happen in real life? Unfortunately the author does not put the additional information about it. I have tried to google it. But I have not found the answer yet. Or Could it be only the imagination of the author?  I hope I will find the answer soon.

For those of you who are fond of 5 CM, you might enjoy this book as well. Go grab your own copy.

I like the cover. It is simple. The color is also nice. The only big character which was printed in front has some kind of trick that tickle my curiosity.



Author: Donny Dhirgantoro
Publisher : Grasindo,418p, 2011


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