Sunday 9 January 2011

Love Stories-Prom Trilogy : Jake & Christy

Love Stories-Prom Trilogy : Jake & Christy
Author: Elizabeth Craft
Mass Market Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers (April 11, 2000)
Language: English
Source: Borrowed from my friend

From Goodreads:
Christy's mom thinks Jake is the perfect guy for her. Sure, he's cute and smart, but he's also pretty obnoxious. But it just so happens that Christy and Jake's mothers are best friends. That's why when Jake surprised her by asking her to the prom, Christy found herself saying yes. Her mom has been sick for a long time, and she hates to let her mom down, even if it means spending the most romantic night of her life with Jake. But can she really go through with it? It's only one night, but it's a memory for a lifetime

The story is focused on Jake and Christy. They have known each other since they were kids. Their mothers were best friends. They used to share everything untill one day Jake asked Chrhisty out on a date. The first few minutes were fine. But the "disaster "came and ruined all things. After that night, for Christy, Jake was a public enemy number one. Every time they met, there was only an argue and it happened for four years. So standing on their own way was the only solution. Then new chapter for Jake and Christy began when the prom was up.

A light reading.
What I like from this book is the words choice, since I do not read lots of English books. The description of anything is just right. I can get it in first place.

This book is written with Christy and Jake's point of view. So the book let me know what their thoughts about each others. Christy's chapter is my favorite. I like all part when she talked to herself. It looks like she has name for every things. She is a tough and deep girl who would do anything for her family. Some parts which told about her family situation was touching enough. Actually she is sweet but suddenly changed when it is dealing with Jake.
Jake himself is a nice guy, the one who is reliable. He is good at reading situation and know which step to take. But he become so annoying when Christy is around. Seems the honesty word is disappear from their dictionary.

I read lots of YA books but not for this genre. I picked it up spontaneously from the pile of my borrowed-books. Although the ending is so predictable, I enjoyed reading every chapter. I think when I feel tired of any fantasy literature, I would love to read this kind of book.

I wish I could see the other editions. But none of them were found



brandileigh2003 said...

Thanks for the review- I haven't heard of this one, but want to try it now.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

Aleetha said...

Hi Brandi
It's first published in 2000
I hope you still can find it somewhere. :)

Ana said...

at first i think this book was not YA book, since the cover not too much talk about it. thanks for reviewing. I think its impossible for me to get this book since it is an imported book.

Aleetha said...

yeah, I got same impression.
I wish they changed the cover :D
My friend bought this in Jakarta, Kino or aksara if I am not mistaken.

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