Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Beloved of the Fallen by Savannah Kline

Synopsis from Goodreads
When the young and beautiful Kira Castelmaine arrives in Washington, D.C., to serve her first term in Congress, she is swept off her feet by Valentin Ashford, a distinguished political consultant. But the relationship soon turns the political idealist's moral world upside down. Unaware that Valentin is actually an agent of Lucifer sent to help bring world destruction, Kira falls wildly in love. Named to a seat on the powerful House intelligence committee, Kira eventually holds the swing vote on authorizing a covert action against a country in the Middle East that has recently obtained nuclear weapons. This covert attack threatens to be countered with an apocalyptic response, and it could trigger a wider conflict that could seal disaster for the human race. Trapped between passion and the salvation of mankind, Kira and Valentin must find redemption in each other if they hope to thwart Lucifer’s diabolic plot.
My thought
I was so excited when I found Beloved of the Fallen because it was the first book about angel that I read. I have a big expectation for this book and it did not fail me. At first I thought it would be full of romance. But I was wrong. It was not that shallow.

Although the prologue was boring, its 28 chapters hooked me. It was a fast paced novel. The mystery inside kept my nose buried in it. I loved the idea that the author brought. She mixed little fantasy and some political issues. The last part was my favorite. It was written very well. Even if the angel or demon were not there, I think it still would be interesting to read.

Kira, the main character, was a beautiful, smart and strong young woman. It was not difficult to like her. The author wrote about her in sequence. So I could keep the track of her life. From her childhood, high school till she was involved in politic. I liked the chapter which told me about her relation with his father. And talk about Valentin Ashford, the fallen angel, I really want to like him. Unfortunately till the end of the book, I just could not connect to him. There was a big hope for more awesome things that he could have shown. This book is supposed to be about angel. But he did not play his role.

If you are into political novel, you might want to read this book.

I wish I could see the other edition. I liked the White House background but I'd love to see Kira in front not Valentin.


Author: Savannah Kline ; Website ; Twitter
Format: ebook, 248 pages
Paperback, 336 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by Ulysses Press

You can buy the book on Amazon or Barnes & Nobel and the ebook here

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Jennifer said...

I haven't heard of this one before, but you have me intrigued.

Beth said...

Great review.

Shellie - Layers of Thought said...

What an incredible cover - love it.
Will be looking for your review of the Goddess Test. I was so tempted to order it from Net Galley but I have too much to read already. :)