Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview : Lisa and Laura Roecker - The Liar Society Blog Tour

Today I have interview with Lisa and Laura Roecker. They are the author of The Liar Society. Their book has just been released on March 1st, 2011. Please read till the end of this post. Because just like the other blogs who joined the tour, in this post they also provided some secret word that can be used to enter the giveaway.
  • Can you tell us about The Liar Society?
The Liar Society tells the story of Kate Lowry who receives an email from her dead best friend, Grace, on the anniversary of her death. When the emails continue, she begins her search for the truth and discovers secrets about her school and friends that she never could have imagined.

  • How did you decide to write The Liar Society?
After wracking up many, many rejections for our first manuscript, we decided we needed to focus on a new project. A mystery sounded like fun (uh, yeah, not so much fun to edit), but we fell in love with the characters and the concept for the series. Luckily our agent and editors did as well.
  • How did you choose the name of your character?
We needed a strong-sounding name for our main character and Kate fit the bill. It's simple and classic. Basically, just a solid name.
  • The most favorite character and which one that you found the most difficult to write?
Our all-time favorite character is Seth. He's so loveably nerdy and at times annoying, but every girl needs a Seth in her life. The most difficult character for us to nail was Kate. It took many revisions to tap into her emotional core. Kate had no problem being her snarky self, but sometimes struggle to actually FEEL. Hopefully she does both now!

  • Talk about the cover. Were you involved directly in choosing the design of it ( color or model )?
We had a bit more input than many authors. Our publisher kept us in the loop throughout the entire process and we were often asked for our opinions. With that said, we were completely shocked when we learned they were going in the pink direction. But after our initial shock, the cover has really grown on us. And luckily we had the opportunity to go back into the text and edit Kate's hair to pink. Now we can't imagine her any other way!
  • Have you sold this book internationally?
Not yet. Fingers crossed.
  • How about the next book?
This book is meant to be the first in a series. We have big plans for book 2!
  • Did you do some research for this book?
We had to do a bit of research on secret societies and famous Latin quotations. The rest came from our own random collection of information. Luckily, there was really no right or wrong when it came to research for this book. The bulk came from our imagination--the best kind, if you ask us.
  • Which books influenced your writing style?
When we set out to write, we were determined to write fun, entertaining books. We wanted our books to make people laugh (hopefully) and wanted to focus on fun topics. A few books that have made us laugh in the past were Bridge Jones's Diary and the Shopaholic series. We gave the book a bit more meat with the element of mystery and we were off!
  • What is your writing quirk?
Lisa randomly slips from past to present tense and Laura hasn't met a gerund she doesn't love.
  • Please share your words for the readers
We hope you love the book as much as we do!

Liar Society Book Trailer

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Audi, Vide, Tace,

Thank you so much Lisa and Laura. I am so glad that I am a part of this blog tour.


Lilly Bear ♡ said...

Aww, they're so adorable! Lovely, lovely interview :) I can't wait for book number two!

Jemi Fraser said...

I finished the book in two big gulps! It's awesome - Kate is the perfect name for the character - she's fabulous!