Thursday, April 7, 2011

Author Guest Post: Bronwyn's Stand by E.Kelly

Another guest post is here. Now E.Kelly, the author of Bronwyn's Stand. She is here to talk about her book.

Bronwyn Barrister has her life in order. She has loyal friends, a successful business, and a family who loves her beyond measure. She has everything she has ever had the courage to dream for. One man, however, has begun to threaten it all. She sent him to prison for eleven years, but now he's free to exact his revenge upon her. With menacing phone calls and vile threats, he stalks her. He is a monster from her past, the past she tries to hide.

When Vincent Lane and his team are hired by Bronwyn's uncle to keep her safe, he finds himself drawn in by her beauty, strength, and wicked intelligence. And when he allows himself to look beyond the surface, he discovers the woman behind the defenses; a woman who strips him bare and makes him want more than he has ever wanted in his life. As the stalking and danger escalates to arson, Vincent is torn between ecstasy and terror. He must find a way to stop this madman before it's too late

The Writing Process
Since publishing Bronwyn’s Stand, many readers have asked me about my writing. How do I manage to find time? How often do I write? Do I have a plan when I start a book? Do I follow an outline? Well… if you’ve seen my blog, you know that the story of Bronwyn’s Stand lived in my head for roughly twenty years (yes, 20!) before I wrote it down. When I finally decided to see if I could capture the story in print, I didn’t make any notes or outlines. I simply replayed the story in my head and typed it. That’s not to say I didn’t edit, revise, and sweat over it. Even though I had almost the entire story planned, it still took me six months to write it. Since then, I’ve written two more books, each taking me approximately six months. I know some authors insist on working on their writing every day. Unless I’m on summer vacation (Elementary Reading Specialist), I usually average four to five days a week. Sometimes the writing process is smooth. Sometimes it’s a struggle. Either way, it’s challenging. And I never could resist a challenge.

Bronwyn’s Stand
Bronwyn Barrister is an intelligent, strong, fiercely independent woman. She loves and is loved. And while she can’t really be described as happy, she is at least content. Until her past begins to catch up with her.
Vincent Lane is the son of a family friend. He and his security team have been hired to protect Bronwyn, to keep her safe. The task quickly becomes more than a job when Vincent finds himself drawn to Bronwyn. And with the first kiss, he knows he won’t be able to settle for a casual affair.
But Bronwyn has a secret – one that she keeps buried deep. Afraid that with the telling, she will sever the fragile connection she and Vincent have forged. Bronwyn’s Stand is the story of one woman who, with the love of one man, finds the courage to let go of her past in order to seize her future.

Choosing Love
When I first wrote and released Bronwyn’s Stand, I thought of it as a standalone novel. I didn’t realize that readers would ask for more. I didn’t realize they would fall in love with Preacher, Poet, Caveman, and Hollywood. I saw them as secondary characters. Readers did not. So… for the readers – the Choosing Love series.

Book 1: Bronwyn’s Stand (Einstein’s story) February 2010
Book 2: Anna’s Strength (Preacher’s story) Summer 2011
Book 3: Jacqueline’s Desire (Poet’s story)
Book 4: Sophia’s Courage (Caveman’s story)
Book 5: Katharine’s Resolve (Hollywood’s story)


Thanks for stopping by, E.Kelly.

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