Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Author Guest Post: "Two-Fisted Tweets" by James Hutchings

Today, I have James Hutchings, the author of Two Fisted Tweets. He is talking about his book

Two-Fisted Tweets is a collection of thirty short stories. Each is less than 140 characters (the length of a Twitter tweet).

I've always been more interested in short stories than in novels, both writing and reading. However, if I hadn't discovered the Nanoism and PicFic websites, who publish tweet-length writing, I don't think I ever would've written anything that short.

I've been surprised how much you can get into a tiny number of words. This is especially true in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, where there are common plots that you can suggest by mentioning one or two elements.

I think I'm partly reacting against the tendency towards huge 'doorstop' novels, where every story has to be 1000 pages long and part of a series. It seems to be especially severe in fantasy, I guess because of the long shadow of Lord of the Rings

I don't want to write a blurb that's longer than the book, so I'll stop there. If you're interested, the homepage for the book is Smashwords, and my blog


Thanks for stopping by James.

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