Saturday, April 2, 2011

Author Guest Post: Storm of Magick by L.A.Burton

Today I have L.A Burton who talked about her book, Storm of Magick.

It’s all about the characters and storyline. When I came up with the Logan Wolf Chronicles then years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized it. The storyline has actually gone through about eight incarnations. Only a few characters have kept their name and the way they look. My vashon, vampire fairie hybrids, started out as regular vampires.
My lycanthrope did start out as werewolves I changed them to werebears and added werefox, weremoles. Again trying something different that I didn’t read about all the time. I also use a lot of magic in my series. I use the original spelling for magick. Then I started combining things, like a lycanthrope with magick powers is called a lycan. I describe most lycan as lycanthrope who gain or have magickal abilities. I also go on to say that, they would more than likely go insane.

A group of beings that make and carry out the laws in my series are called Elders Circle. It’s made up of vashon, vampire, lycanthrope, witch and fairie. I wanted my supernatural beings to have consequences to their actions. When I first started the series, I was compared to Laurell K. Hamilton. I was thrilled to be compared to her, but it also started to become an issue, that is why I started trying to do the opposite of the Anita Blake series.

I gave my vashon floral scent to go a long with the fairy side. Also, the vashon don’t drink blood, they live on magick essence having to feed off of supernatural being. My main character, Logan, has a twin brother, Blaze, who she protects furiously. I also brought in reincarnation to my series. I can’t say a lot because I’m still working on that storyline.
Although I’m still compared to Laurell K. Hamilton and I admire her, a lot I think my series can stand on its own. I hope my readers will grow to love Logan and the others as I have done.
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