Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Mishap & Mayhem by M.M. Shelley

For centuries magical beings have hidden in the darkness, waiting. Some good, some evil. A battle is brewing, and only twins, Grasiella and Tatiana, have the power to stop it.

A secret that has been kept since the dawn of time is about to be revealed with devastating consequences. It's the summer of the year 2045, and sixteen year old Grasiella, along with her twin sister,Tatiana plan to visit their grandmother in Hawaii. They have no idea that when they arrive on the island of Kauai, they are about to be drawn into a secret, the secret, of their family's dark origins and magical powers.

On the first day of their arrival, their grandmother is accused of a horrible crime involving a faerie. Whispers have spread throughout the islands about the disappearance of a faerie named Sita Knook and her connection to a mysterious group known only as the Cinerians.

Before long, Grasiella and Tatiana are doing battle with ancient races and magical beings. All the while trying to retrieve an ancient stone of power and impress a couple of local surfers, Kana'i and Kye, cousins who have some pretty exciting family secrets of their own. It's pretty serious stuff for two girls who were planning to spend the summer at the beach getting tans, but then that's the trouble with secrets, sometimes they just don't stay buried.

My Thought
This book grabbed my attention only in its few pages. It took me to the story about one faerie who was trapped on earth and its sad story. It also told me little bit about The Cinerians, frightening creature who hunted the humans and made them become slaves. Grasiella, a woman with great magical power was also introduced here. Three of them made the prologue become so interesting.

Then the first chapter brought me to Tatiana and Grasiella, the twin, in summer of the year 2045. As you can read in the synopsis, they were going to Hawai to visit her grandmother. One night, they were attacked by a faerie for something that they did not know. From her, Sita Knook was mentioned. The faerie said that she was captured and kept in the house. All things about Sita Knook was still a mystery. Till their grandmother explained everything. Since then another secrets were revealed and brought the twins to some adventure they never imagined.

It was nice to read this book. There were many surprises. I also found many new things. Let me say the idea about the faerie, the creature called Cinerians, even about Pele, the goddess who own the islands. All of them were fascinating.

Unfortunately, there were some things that almost stop me enjoying the book. There were too many characters that almost got me lost. It was little bit annoying. The relation between the characters were not that deep. Most of them failed me. Everything in Grasiella was actually great. But her relation with another character was not written well. I wish Grasiella and Tatiana had a better bond. Just like what the other twin had. Something that also confused me was indifferent grandmother. I wonder where she was when her grandchildren were in dangerous.

Thanks to the unpredictable plot who help me reaching the last pages. I like how it brought me to the end. The last paragraph made me wanted to read the sequel. If you love reading a fantasy book that give you many new things, I suggest you to read Mishap & Mayhem.

I'd love to say thank you to M.M Shelley, the author, who has sent me this book and gave me different adventure. I wish I can read the sequel of this book. I am also interested to read another book of hers about Zombie.

I like the background. It shows one of the setting of the book. But I have no idea about the girl. Is she Grasiella, her twin Tatiana, or Mnemosyne? I wish a better figure for them. :D


Author: M.M Shelley | Website | Blog
Paperback: 294 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (April 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461031729
ISBN-13: 978-1461031727
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches

Source: A paperback from author for review
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