Friday, 25 February 2011

Anyone But You

Synopsis From Goodreads
Jennifer Crusie's many fans will be delighted to discover (or rediscover) her wonderful debut novel. It's an exuberant, romantic, and occasionally goofy comedy, with two unlikely love stories. The first is between 40-year-old Nina, happily divorced and looking for a puppy companion, and Fred, an overweight, grumpy basset/beagle spending his last day in the shelter. It's fortunate for everyone that Nina adopts him, since Fred ends up playing unwitting Cupid, introducing Nina to ER doctor Alex Moore, her handsome 30-year-old neighbor. That's where the second love story comes in, but it's not easy. Nina rules out any man 10 years younger, but she's happy to watch old movies with Alex -- night after night after night.

There are a lot of characters to love here, including Nina's best friend, who has a black thumb when it comes to romance, and her 75-year-old neighbor, who's got a very different attitude. As Alex and Nina inch toward romance, neither is willing to make the first move until they discover some basic home truths about the power of unconditional love

My Review
When I received this book, without reading any words on the front and back cover, I thought it would tell me about a great life of one dog. But when I found out that this book was romance, I doubt that I could finish this book. I am not that into this kind of genre. once I left one romance book because I can not stand with the drama inside. But this book is out of line. I could easily read it. Not only because it is light and fun but also the phrases inside did not trouble me much. It is a quick reading. I found many humor inside.

Talk about Nina, I felt pity for her loneliness. But that risk that she has to cope with. Divorce was her decision, ready or not. For Alex, she might be everything. But not for me. She was kind, a good friend, but I just could not find something interesting in her. She seems so weak and lack of confidence. Alex, himself, was actully loveable. But in it took many chapter till finally fell for him. I loved the development of his character. It worked better than Nina. Overall I like the relation between them. How they spent their time with movies, shared stories even the Oreo.

But actually I liked Charity the most, the secondary character, rather than the those two characters above. I enjoyed all of her dialogues. I found myself searched what happened next. She was one of the reason why I could finish this book. And Fred, the dog, who started everything between Nina dan Alex, I wish I could read more about him.

I think I am going to give another chance for a romance book like this

I wish Fred was a cute dog and found another background color.



Author: Jennifer Cruise
Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: HQN Books (December 1, 2006)
Language: English
Source: Bought with cheaper prize

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Unknown said...

I have not read any thing by Jennifer Cruisie yet but I do love her blog.

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