Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (2/9) : A Discovery of Witches

Synopsis From Author's Website
When historian Diana Bishop opens a bewitched alchemical manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library it represents an unwelcome intrusion of magic into her carefully ordinary life. Though descended from a long line of witches, she is determined to remain untouched by her family’s legacy. She banishes the manuscript to the stacks, but Diana finds it impossible to hold the world of magic at bay any longer.

For witches are not the only otherworldly creatures living alongside humans. There are also creative, destructive daemons and long-lived vampires who become interested in the witch’s discovery. They believe that the manuscript contains important clues about the past and the future, and want to know how Diana Bishop has been able to get her hands on the elusive volume.
Chief among the creatures who gather around Diana is vampire Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist with a passion for Darwin. Together, Diana and Matthew embark on a journey to understand the manuscript’s secrets. But the relationship that develops between the ages-old vampire and the spellbound witch threatens to unravel the fragile peace that has long existed between creatures and humans—and will certainly transform Diana’s world as well.
Author: Deborah Harkness
Hardcover, 592 pages
Published February 8th 2011 by Viking Adult
I just saw the cover of the book few days ago. The cover and color are nice. Looking at the witches word in front makes me curious what the story inside. As you can read in synopsis, it is not only about witches but there is vampire also. Yummy.

I have checked in Deborah's web, A Discovery of Witches has been translated in many languages. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not on the list (yet). I hope by posting this book here, the local published will take a look at it. On Goodreads, I saw three different covers, but I still prefer the original cover.

You can read the excerpt here

I hope this book will find its own way to my mailbox :)

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BLHmistress said...

OH This one is on my list too I can't wait for it either. Great Pick!


Sally said...

Just put this on my wishlist last week. Looking forward to getting this one.

Here's Mine:

Majanka said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you find this one in your mailbox someday soon :P Here's my WoW.

Jan von Harz said...

I am also intrigued by this one. sound like a great read!

June G said...

I'm not a fan of witch stories, but this book intrigues me. It's huge to at almost 600 pages, whew! Good choice. I hope you guys get a chance to read it over there :-)

I think I'll check it out, but If it's available for download, I may get it for my e-reader; too big to have to carry about! But I do love the cover, so we'll

nomadreader said...

Good luck getting it to your country! With the amount of acclaim and positive feedback it's getting in the U.S., I'm hopeful for you!

Small Review said...

This one does look good. I hope you are able to get your hands on a copy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds Spooky Good! This is one I had not heard of before.

Anonymous said...

here's mine

Jess (Gone with the Words) said...

This sounds good! I saw it on Amazon today! Great pick!

Here's what I'm Waiting On this Wednesday! :)

Lisa @ Lost in Literature said...

This looks interesting! Great pick!

Lisa @ Lost in Literature
Here's my WoW

Heather (Book-Savvy) said...

I'm passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you because your blog ROCKS!!! Go here to accept it

Heather (Book-Savvy) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina @ My Precious said...

This cover is amazing. The story line intriguing, BUT at nearly 600 pages its INTIMIDATING! It looks so good though,.... ugh!

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