Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Review: St. Martins Moon by Marc Vun Kannon

The Moon is haunted...
Joseph Marquand didn't want to go back, he really didn't, but duty called, curiosity beckoned, and besides, it's not like his nights could get any worse. A werewolf attack on the Moon itself was something of a novelty, especially for Earth's greatest werewolf hunter, and if he could lay a few of his own unquiet ghosts to rest at the same time...

Well, one ghost-Cynthia's ghost-the reason he'd quit space. The people of Coventry Base definitely didn't want him there. Except for Candace, who was definitely in the minority. The citizens had taken shelter there for a reason, and they were more afraid of the werewolf hunter than they would ever be of a werewolf. Then the nightmares began, and the wolves of Coventry Base found that they were haunted by far more than just their curse. They were being haunted by Marquand's curse as well. The werewolf hunter had become the werewolves' only hope for salvation, but Marquand's only hope for salvation was in one woman with no hope, and another who didn't even know she existed. ...but the werewolves don't know that!
My Thought
I am not a reader who judges the book by its cover. But when I saw the cover of this book and looked at those creepy eyes, I was so thrilled. I was so eager to read this book. My first thought, I was going to find many scary chapters that made me goosebumps. Those fierce werewolves were filled my imaginations. Something that made me more excited was its setting. It’s out of space! Its future technology also made me curious.

Sadly, I could not find what I was waiting for. I found it hard to finish this book. I was lost in some chapters. Starting with Joseph Marquand tried to blend with every thing in Coventry Base till the rest of the story. In the beginning, I thought I was the one who could not focus and missed all those crucial moments. So I decided to re-read it. But again, I felt bad. The more I read, the more I get confused. Not only had the plot trapped me, but there were too many characters. I just could not understand all Marquand’s thought and memory. This book seems get a thick shield and blocks me from any side. So I give up. This book might not for me. As they said, it’s not my cup of tea.

It was designed very well. I fall for it in the first glance.

Release Date: May 2011
Publisher: Echelon Press
ISBN: 1590806840
ISBN13: 9781590806845
Genre: Futuristic Paranormal
Review Copy Source: Ebook from Stacy - Urban Fantasy Investigation for Review

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